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carry hope - homeless ministry in Toyko

"Love your neighbor as yourself. "
Matthew 22:39   

Long time no share online. In 2020 I have gone through ups and downs. And finally I made it to my birthday TODAY!! Yeah!! Never been that high profile before. (Accept bday cards only. Haha… please don’t buy me any gifts).


I used to asking friends to do donation to certain NGO for my birthday. But this is my 3rd year living in Tokyo, I hope to have your support for what we have been doing in Tokyo.


For Japanese school, I visited Ikebukuro twice a week for almost a year, and I always saw homeless people sleeping there with only a T-shirt. Every time when I was thinking should I buy them some food, my inner voice stopped me with thousand silly reasons like I may speak something wrong in Japanese, they may not want it… etc.


When winter came, I prayed that what I can do for them. One night, I was walking back home and feeling alone while the wind was very strong and cold. Mr Ho was staying in HK for 2 months. God reminded me there are many people out there without any jackets and a place to stay. I asked God to show me what to do and how to do again. Even I have served the homeless ministry in HK. I want to learn and know how to serve them in Japan in God’s way, but my way.


And here we go, by sharing “Carry Hope” project to friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, also with lots of prayers, we have visited them a few times in Dec. Thankful that they told us how to communicate with them and share what they really need. We don’t have a NGO registered, but a small group of warm-hearted volunteers in Tokyo.


I would like to encourage you to be one of the warm-hearted person in your country. Wherever you are, you can be the one among your neighborhood. Simply buy a warm meal and tea for them if you feel like to. Most importantly, a casual greeting can warm their hearts.


“Carry hope” appeared to my heart for some time, but I didn’t know what its for until one month ago. 2020 definitely was a tough year for everyone. But for homeless people, every year might be 2020. Through this ministry, I hope everyone can carry hope in 2021!


How to support:


It is slightly different from the mask project before, “Carry hope” aims to be a sustainable ministry to people in needed in Japan.


  1. Support my hand-painted tote bags. I am not planning to do the mass printing. Hand-painted may not be perfect, but it has my warm blessing. I am planning to paint on sweaters and T-shirts. Please also support my gospel artworks. Custom-made is open. There are 4 choices of logo for tote bags. #carryhope #carryjoy #carryfaith #carrypeace

  2. Support my art class/ workshop. Brush lettering is the key workshop for this project. We are going to host small group for English, Cantonese and Japanese workshops in the future in Shibuya. Besides the lettering workshop, there are drawing, painting, decoupage, leather, photography and graphic design for your interest.


I would like to give a big thanks for the donation we received before. We spent around 30,000 yen for materials like 2nd hand winter coats and new blankets, socks, gloves, masks and food…etc.


Thank you so much for your time. Bless you a fruitful 2021! Stay healthy!





How to Support us:

pls go to the Google form for purchase. Thanks!

1) Support our continuous charity work in Japan monthly. (You can unsubscribing at any time.)

2) PayPal's one-time donation, you may donate in any amount.

carry hope - 東京無家者事工


馬太福音 22:39  








冬天嚟嘅時候,更加有負擔,我祈禱問 神 我可以為佢哋做啲乜。有一晚,我一個人行返屋企(何生返咗香港兩個月)我覺得好寂寞同埋好凍,又勁大風,神 再一次提醒我,出面有好多人連外套都冇,甚至一個溫暖可以休息嘅地方都冇。

我再一次問 神 我可以做啲乜嘢,就算我喺香港已經有接觸無家者嘅經驗,我想學習點樣去服侍日本嘅無家者,用 神 嘅方法,唔係我慣常嘅方式。


就係咁樣,透過分享“Carry hope” 呢個project比朋友,弟兄姊妹,加上有好多嘅禱告,我哋響上年12月探訪左東京嘅無家者幾次,亦都好感恩 神 透過佢地嘅嘴巴俾我哋知道,我哋應該點樣去關心同埋比佢哋有需要嘅物資俾佢。我哋冇註冊任何慈善機構組織,我哋只係一班響東京熱心嘅義工。




“Carry hope” 呢一個訊息已經出現咗響我個心一段時間,但我唔知為乜嘢去做,直到一個月之前。2020年對大家來講都係好難過嘅一年,對於無家者來講,可能每一年都係2020年。 透過分享,我希望新嘅一年大家可以Carry hope, 帶着希望去過新嘅一年!




同之前口罩嘅project有啲唔同,希望Carry hope係一個持續性嘅事工。



係,幫襯我畫嘅tote bags, 唔想拎去大量印刷,電腦做完個稿完全冇feel,雖然手繪係唔完美,但係有溫度。我仲諗住響衛衣T恤上面畫,仲有其他福音禮品,歡迎訂購。#環保人可以比個布袋我畫 一共4個logo, #carryhope #carryjoy #carryfaith #carrypeace




#有興趣PM我 #夾日子 #其實仲有好多嘢可以學 #設計繪畫攝影皮革碟古巴特 #私人畫班







支持我們,請到Google form訂購,謝謝:

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