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神様は私に初めて金箔を使って絵を描くように導いてくださいました。私が仕える全知全能の神、すなわち愛に満ち、主権を持ちながら穏やかなお方への畏敬の念を抱きながら、 いつもより慎重に丁寧に描きました。 



あなたは栄光、名誉、力、賞賛を受けるに値します。 アーメン。

Glory - 2024 Art Calendar - A4 / A3

Continuing on from the theme of the Trinity from the previous year, I feel the infinite beauty of the presence of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in my painting. This year, I thank the Lord for leading me to look at the life and works of Jesus in the four gospels of the Bible from a macro perspective and develop the theme of my paintings for this year.


In the four gospels, we could see John the Baptist baptizing Jesus, and the Holy Spirit descending on him in bodily form like a dove, and then Jesus entering the wilderness for forty days of temptation. After all these temptations, we could see how Jesus was strengthened under the leadership of the Father God, and Jesus worked together with the Holy Spirit to share the gospel of the kingdom of heaven, to heal the sick, to cast out demons, and to perform other miracles.


With the grace, love, mercy and healing of the Trinity, God shines light into our darkness, and God blesses us through our different life experiences. 


God led me to paint using gold leaf for the first time. I painted more meticulously than usual, as I stand in awe of the Almighty God that I serve - the One who is loving, sovereign yet gentle.


May we connect every blessing we have experienced to see the greater plan of God in our lives.


May this painting be dedicated to our Almighty God!

You are worthy of glory, honor, power, and praise! Amen.

Glory - 2024 Art Calendar - A4 / A3














Glory - 2024 Art Calendar - A4 / A3

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