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神様が世界を創造されたとき、すべては暗かったと想像してください。 彼は世界にあらゆる色を与え、それを明るくなった最高の芸術家です。 3原色の光を混ぜ合わせるとどうなるかご覧ください。 光を見るでしょう。 この絵で、あなたに光の背後にあるものを見せたいのです。 神様が私たちのために用意してくれた美しい色。黄色の鳥がいる緑の木々の隣に、赤い花がランダムに見えるかもしれません。すべてが神様によって創造されます。 光で、私たちは見ることができます。 それはすごくないですか?













創世記 1:3 新共同訳


“Let there be light”

Imagined that when God created the world, It was all dark. He is the greatest artist who gave the world all colors and it became light. See what happens when you mix together the three primary colors of light. You will see light.


In this painting, I would like to show you what behind the light. The beautiful colors that God has prepared for us. You may randomly see the red flowers on the street next to the green trees with a yellow bird on it. Everything is created by God. And with light, we can see. Isn't it amazing?


Red = passion, tenderness, safety, tranquillity


Yellowish orange = joy, happiness, warmth, creativity, energy, cheer, optimism, encouraging


Green = fresh, natural, safety, harmony, stability, balance


Blue = peace, serenity, trust, responsibility, honesty, loyalty, inner security


Violet = imagination, spirituality, compassion, sensitivity


Brown = reliability, stability, honesty, comfort, natural


Genesis 1:3 (NIV)

3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

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