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Blessing of God

This is the instant noodles that my grandpa used to cooking for us when we were little. Back to 2018, I felt slightly burned out when I was working hard for the calendar project, one of the missionaries I encountered with gave me this pack of noodles in Tokyo. I was so shocked and touched.


Before that, we never see each other, and we got connected through FB. I was giving out 25 sets of free calendar as she requested. Thanks God that we had a fruitful conversation that night. What she bought me was actually a pack of instant noodles from Hong Kong. It made me warmed and touched. I always remembered that was the same brand of instant noodles that my grandpa cooked for us when we were little. It brought me to tears.


I believed that God has comforted me and reminded me how my grandpa loved and blessed us as He does. And there is a Chinese character in the middle of the packing, 福 (Fuku) on the red circle, which means “blessing” (祝福). So I drew this painting to commemorate my grandpa. My grandpa accepted Jesus Christ as his savior before he died.


A few months later, God has shown me the verses in Psalm 133. It is talking about how good and pleasant it is when family live together in unity. I would like to share this painting and blessing of God for family to every one of you. God really loves us and bless our families. Amen.

Psalm 133:3b (NIV)

For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.

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