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2023 Sendai Christian Art Festival


アートフェス2023・May So


~ May So Water Color ~



もっとMay Soの作品をみたいなら...


10/8-9: アトリエ(

10/11-12: ラプソナタ会場(サンプラザ)

2022 春のプチ芸術祭 ART LIFE FAITH with SAMURAI Projects

日時: 3月21日(祝) 10:00-15:00 

主催: Community Arts Tokyo & Samurai Projects

参加費: FREE

場所: Bread of Life Church

早稲田町68−21 西川徹ビル


Exhibitions, worship, art + faith / talk, documentary films + discussions, and more!

Hi guys, I will be displaying my artworks, hosting an art booth and doing live hand lettering there. 

Please feel free to join us if you are interested in knowing Community Arts Tokyo and 春のプチ芸術祭 ART LIFE FAITH with SAMURAI Projects


art life faith

Creative Carnival 2021 - Spring -秋-


日時: 11月23日(祝) 11:00-20:00 (出入自由)
場所: 荒川区三ノ輪 都電カフェ1階・3階・屋上

参加費: 大人 ¥1500 子ども: ¥500
Awakening Tokyo (教会) & Holy Nation (ファッションブランド)

May So from Share Artually

Keiichi Koizumi
Megumi and Maho from Arise and Shine Gospel Dance Company
Graham Fleming from All Nations Art Community
…and more!




All Nations Art Community(@createbeautifulculture ) の創設者の一人であり、アーティストでもあるグラハム・フレミングさんは、1階で作品を展示し、3階ではアニメーションアートのワークショップを行います。

プロの彫刻家である恵一さん (@keiichi_koizumi ) は、この日のために特別な彫刻を制作中です。3階では、アニマルクレイアートのワークショップを行います。

Arise and Shine Gospel Dance Company (@ariseandshinedancecompany ) のMegumiさんとMahoさんは、三ノ輪商店街でフラッシュモブに参加し、HIPHOPとフラッグダンスを披露します。

Share Artually (@shareartually) の創設者であり、香港出身のアーティストでもあるメイ・ソウさん ( は、1階にブースを構え、自己受容のメッセージを伝えるアート作品を制作し、あなたを勇気づけます。また3階でもカリグラフィーのワークショップを開催いたします!

RSVP: please go to facebook event or google form. Thank you.



Creative Carnival 2021 - Spring 


I am so blessed and going to meet other artists, musicians and dance groups in Tokyo! Thank God for this wonderful art event hosted by Holy Nation & Awakening Tokyo! It is located in a 3-level café in Minowa, Tokyo. Hope to see you there. please feel free to invite friends and family to share the love of God!

Date: November 23 (Public holiday)

Time: 11: 00-20: 00 (free entry/ exit)

Location: 1st, 3rd floor & rooftop of Toden Cafe

Admission fee: Adults ¥1500 Children: ¥500


I am excited to present to you some of our main artists who will be partnering with us on the Carnival Day!

Graham Fleming, one of the founders and artist from All Nations Art Community (@createbeautifulculture) will be showing his art work on the 1st floor and will be on the 3rd floor hosting workshop on Animation Art!

Keiichi Koizumi (@keiichi_koizumi ) who is a professional sculptor is currently creating a special sculpture for the day! He will be on the 3rd floor hosting workshop on animal clay art!

Megumi and Maho, members of Arise and Shine Gospel Dance Company (@createbeautifulculture ) will be performing collaboration dance of hip-hop and flag dance in the street of Minowa Market taking part in the flash mode and also in Toden Cafe!

May So ( the founder of Share Artually (@shareartually) and artist from Hong Kong will be on the 1st floor booth with hand-painting, also creating art pieces to share a message of affirmation of God for encouragement. I also will be on the 3rd floor hosting lettering workshop at 4pm.

RSVP: please go to facebook event or google form. Thank you.

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