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鼓勵 + 行動 + 親手寫一張明信片!!!



香港世界宣明會是 Share Artually Workshop 一直支持和信任的組織。


鼓勵 + 行動 + 親手寫一張明信片給朋友!分享愛!


附加 <代寄服務>



由即日至八月三十一日, 每售賣一張貓頭鷹明信片($20),我們將捐出$10到宣明會尼泊爾地震救援,以幫助尼泊爾地震災民。

捐款戶口(香港):匯豐銀行 018-377077-003


由九月一日至十二月三十一日, 同樣每售賣一張貓頭鷹明信片($20), 我們將捐出$10到宣明會助養兒童計劃,讓助養孩子得到基本成長所需,身心得到全面發展,健康成長。






請在 FB Inbox, email to 或 WhatsApp 我們 (9344 7488) 。


(例如 #001 x 3, #002 x 5, #003 x 4)





May =)

Share Artually Workshop 


p.s. Logo只是水印圖像,實際明信片的封面沒有logo。

Let's write a postcard!!!


Dear friends, 


Hong Kong World Vision is an organization that Share Artually Workshop always supports and trusts in.


We have decided to print out our owl watercolor paintings into postcards as donation items. We also encourage people to take an action of handwriting a postcard to a friend! Share love!


Additional <Mailing Service>

We can also mail the postcard on behalf of your name to your friends, and share the meaning of this donation event.


From today to 31st of August, we would like to donate $10 out of $18 of each purchased owl postcard to help the Nepal earthquake.


From 1st of September to 31st of December, we also would like to donate $10 out of $18 of each purchased owl postcard to child sponsorship of World Vision in order to establish a self-reliant and sustainable community where sponsored child will grow and blossom.


This is a small but great target that we want to achieve in the next half year. 


We will post the receipt of donation later in our FB.


How to purchase?

pls simply drop us an inbox message in FB, email to or whatsapp us on 93447488.


Pls also leave us your name, contact, the qty and number of postcard like #001 x 3, #002 x 5, #003 x 4.

we will contact you and arrange the delivery of mail or in person.


Once again, thank you all your support to World Vision with the purchase of our owl postcards! Share LOVE!


May =)

Share Artually Workshop


p.s. Logo is only a watermark for the image, actual post card's cover has no logo.




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