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Tailor-made - Wedding / Engagement Ring Box


Decoupage (or découpage) is the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and so on since 17th century in Europe. Commonly an object like a small box is covered by cutouts from napkin or from purpose-manufactured papers.

We have 3 little wooden boxes for your selection: square / rectangular / hexagonal
simply, we will paint the small wooden box to white, and wrapping it by a pattern paper. To finish it by adding the ring lace bed.

we need to know what you like (please give us message) : 
1) is it for your own use or giving a friend as a gift? 
2) Which box do you like most? square / rectangular / hexagonal 
3) What is your / friend's wedding color theme? 
4) What color do you / friends like most? 
5) Do you / friend like a flower, butterfly or animal ? Or just simple pattern? 
6) Do you wanna add your / friend's name and wedding date? If yes, they are?

We have almost 100 pattern papers for your selection. Pls visit
Share Artually's FB for the selection of patterns. Once you made the full payment and confirmed names / date, we will start making the ring box.



Thank you for your support and bless your wedding's preparation !!!
Handmade in Japan. By registered post.

給訂造 蝶古巴特拼貼 戒指盒的您:



我們有3個小木盒給您選擇: 正方形 / 長方形 / 六角形
簡單的說, 我們將小木盒塗上白色, 接著包裝漂亮的花紋紙 (蝶古巴特拼貼)。

1) 自用或給朋友的禮物?
2) 您們 / 朋友婚禮的主題顏色?
3) 您們 / 朋友喜歡什麼顏色?
4) 您們 / 朋友喜歡花,蝴蝶或動物圖案?或只是簡單圖案?
5) 需要加上您們 / 朋友的名字和婚禮的日期?

Pinkoi 訂購後先再選定餐巾紙 > 請從Share Artually FB專頁的相簿裏選擇三款,截圖給我們。

戒指盒裡面字句> 請在訂購的備注輸入。 製作及運送大概是一個月時間!謝謝。

以"JP POST" 掛號空郵郵寄,需7-10個工作天。





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